About us

Satyam Cycles

SATYAM CYCLE PRIVATE LTD.' is a well-known name to the Ludhiana Industry. The Company came to existence in 1994 under the guidance of  Mr. B. K. Soni. The company is having a rich experience in manufacturing quality Bicycles and extensive range of bicycle parts.


Satyam Cycles has multiple physical units located in Ludhiana, organized by different processing and manufacturing techniques. Each unit is well equipped with state of art machine/processing tools and their respective research and development facilities.

Satyam Cycles strongly believes in delivering highest quality products and services to its customers. At Satyam Cycles, we follow stringent industrial level quality codes and standards.

The company is manufacturing a wide range of products like Bicycle and Bicycle parts such as B. B. Fittings, Brake Set, Chainwheel, Freewheel,  Handle, Hubs etc. All our products are marketed under trade mark "SATYAM".